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Lake Vermilion Information

Its History and Beauty

For thousands of years, this lake was home to the Sioux, Cree, Monsone and, more recently, the Chippewa or Ojibway. The Ojibway called the lake Onamuni, which means "Lake of the Sunset Glow". Since the 1600's, it was a waterway and resting spot for French voyageurs, who Sunset on Lake Vermiliontranslated the name to the Anglo-French word Vermeillon and the Old English Vermilion.

By the late 1800's, change was coming quickly. Loggers were cutting lumber to build homes for the Midwest and points East. Iron deposits were discovered first near Tower, and the mining industry began providing ore to build the nation. Fishing camps flourished, later to become family resorts. Summer cabins followed.

Lake Vermilion is almost completely surrounded by the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). It’s the southern-most Canadian Shield lake, scoured out by the last glaciers and remained when they retreated. Just north of the Laurentian Divide, its waters flow north though its only outlet, the Vermilion River, and eventually into Hudson Bay.

In the 1940's, the National Geographic Society declared Lake Vermilion one of the top ten most scenic lakes in the United States. And it still is today. With its 40,557 acres of water, 365 islands and 313 miles of shoreline — the longest shoreline of any lake in Minnesota — it stretches 24 beautiful miles across the heart of Minnesota's famed Arrowhead Region.

Area Attractions

Lake Vermilion attracts visitors from all parts of Minnesota and the Midwest, drawn here by its beauty, its fishery and its many things to do and see. While here, check out a few of these: