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Lovgren's Guest Cabin
Birch Point on Lake Vermilion
Lovgren SignYour Hosts:
Kathy and Jeff Lovgren
2113 Birch Point Rd, Tower MN 55790
218.753.2413     218.290.7793 cell
Lake Vermilion State Park Overlook

The new Lake Vermilion State Park, in the NE corner of the lake, will begin construction in 2013.

Bystrom Bay Shore Lunch Site

Eight shore lunch sites, like this one in Bystrom Bay, are scattered around the lake for daytime picnics.

Goldeneye Leaving Nest Box

The hen goldeneye pauses to look around as she leaves the next box during incubation.

Evening Grosbeaks at Feeder

Evening grosbeak checks out the sunflower seeds in the summer.

Mallard Family

Mallards are everywhere, especially if you toss them corn each morning. This family hatched in late June.

Spruce Grouse

Spruce and ruffed grouse live here year round. Our birch buds and crabapples help in the winter.

Crayfish in Hand

Catching crayfish at the shore is fun for the kids. And they're not that scary to hold.

Owl at Beach

Great Horned Owl checks out our beach at sunset looking for an easy meal.